Ballinagreena farm has been in the Mc Grath family for 8 generations.  The last generation to be reared on the land was PJ, Tom, Mary and Breda and Breda’s two children Miriam & Martin by Paddy (Pado) and his wife Mary.  Paddy and Mary worked this farm tirelessly to ensure they educated their children well and afforded them the best opportunities to succeed.  At present the farm land is leased but the love, memories and history of this place brings us together in celebration of our parent’s life.

In early 2019 and during the lockdown of 2020 it was decided that Ballinagreena house would be refurbished by Mary’s & Paddy’s children to ensure that the ever growing and extending limbs of this family would feel the same connection and love for this place and so began the #lockdownproject.

Christmas 2020 in this home brought extended families together and cousins played like siblings, hills were climbed with the newer generation recreating the same memories as their parents.  Pados bar was filled with reminiscing stories, laughter, the odd off key song and everyone learned to play cards.

We hope that you too will take the opportunity to relax and enjoy the pleasures of this home and create as many happy memories.